Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Lovely Blue Thing at a Price That Would be District 12 Appropriate

It's funny how things work out. I was bummed that I wasn't gutsy enough (and was too broke!) to put a bid in on any of the items sold at the auction for The Hunger Games costumes two Saturdays ago. If I had my druthers, I would have tried to have won the Katniss Reaping dress and one of the hunting jackets, but then again, they probably went to the die-hard bidders who have the space and money to display the pieces properly in their homes.

My folks took me down to a vintage flea market in San Diego the next day and lo and behold, I found this beauty.
It was only $10 and it was in very good condition, despite the fact that similar dresses are usually missing the belt or are in bad shape with stains, rips, tears, etc. I'm not certain as to what era this is actually from, but I thought it was a good doppelganger for the Reaping dress.

I'm planning to work with my mom to try to transform this dress into my own replica of the Reaping dress. I'll post pictures as I start to progress.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Touch of Pixie Dust and the Galaxy

Happy Holidays to everyone this week! Whether you enjoy cooking for Thanksgiving or trying to score the big Black Friday deals, hope you have a safe holiday!

Recently I attended the launch for Beautifully Disney's newest make-up line "Fantasy in Flight", which is inspired by Tinker Bell and the Blue Fairy. This collection includes a mascara and two blushes in addition to the new eye shadow palette, nail polishes, and lip glosses.

The event hosted free makeovers with the new collection and manicures, featuring the dynamic duo behind the Tumblr blog Hey, Nice Nails!, Donne and Ginny.

Image from the Long Beach Business Journal (Note this image is from their salon and not Disney's Vault 28!)

The gals painted a special design on one nail of your choice to make your manicure stand out. I went with the galaxy design as I thought it would compliment the champagne gold sparkle polish from "Fantasy in Flight" called Spriteful.

In case you were wondering, the colors they used for all the designs were from the Beautifully Disney collections. The colors used to create this design were Diva of the Deep for the base, Let Your Hair Down for the bottom of the galaxy, Enchanted Kiss for the top color of the galaxy, Provincial Mademoiselle for the stars on the bottom and top of the nail, and Something Sassy for the sparkle to top off the galaxy design.
They were quick and very detailed – for a small area to paint! Normally an appointment at their salon in Long Beach can be very expensive but it was fun to get a taste of what they can do. I'd love to go to them someday and have them do a themed manicure inspired by a book character. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Hunger Games Costumes at the Hollywood Show

Hope everyone is having a fantastic fall so far. A few weeks ago, my dad and I made a trip up to the Hollywood Show to see The Hunger Games costumes on display before they go up on the auction block. They displayed some of the most prominent costumes worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, and Woody Harrelson.

Here are some of the pictures taken by my dad.

 The famous 'Girl on Fire' dress. This dress cost $25,000 to make, since the bottom hem of the skirt was created with Swarovski crystals.

 Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith suits

 Reaping Day outfits for Peeta and Katniss. Pink suit is Effie Trinket's outfit for Reaping Day and the white suit is the Peacekeeper's uniform.

 Katniss' nightgown and Haymitch's suit

 Katniss' arena outfit

 Katniss' hunting outfit

 Capitol apartment outfits

 Victory outfits

Peeta's Baking outfit

Pictures couldn't do the costumes justice. The fire dress had a second layer of ruffles with crystal work underneath the top layer and they are only visible when the wearer spins in a circle. Apparently the costume designer, who is known for giving Harry Potter his trademark round glasses, had a very limited budget to work with for costumes but she did an excellent job with what she had. :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Haute Dystopia?

I've noticed that fashion designers lately have been creating pieces that have a look or feel that is very reminiscent of popular dystopian heroines in fiction.

Tris - High End Version

Combined with the heather grey color, which is symbolic of the Abnegation faction, this sweater from McQ by McQueen is very evocative of Tris Prior's raven tattoos and her identity that she attempts to shed in favor of her new one.

Catching Fire Inspired Outfit

This mesh top by McQ by McQueen feels very evocative of the arena uniform, donned by Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming film adaptation of Catching Fire.

Valentino designed this $12,000 leather and lace dress for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The placement of fabric and silhouette is evocative of a dress that Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments would wear.

And speaking of The Mortal Instruments, Dolce and Gabbana designed this flirty lace number, which is reminiscent of Clary Fray's dress she donned at Magnus Bane's party.

Is high fashion flirting with dystopia heroines to appeal to a current audience trend? Or is it simply a coincidence that some of the high end designers are creating pieces that are evocative of some beloved dystopian heroines like Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, and the ladies of The Mortal Instruments?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hi everyone! I'm looking to sell a few items to clear up space in my closet. These need to go to a better home where they'll be used and loved more than they are right now.


I am in the US. I can ship within the States or internationally.
I only use PayPal. If you are interested in buying something, I will NOT charge PayPal fees.
Shipping is NOT included in the prices. Please inquire before buying. 

Stock photo

Proof photo
This skirt has never been worn - I took it out of the bag to measure it and then placed it back into the bag. Tags are still attached.
$20 OBO (Shipping not included - please inquire)
Measurements (from website): Hips 90 cm, Waist 60 cm (un-stretched)/76 cm (stretched), Length 37 cm

Liz Lisa Tote
Liz Lisa Tote
This is the tote that came with the S/S 2013 Lucky Bag. It is a pale peachy color made of a type of plastic material - great for the beach. It has never been used.
$10 OBO (shipping not included - please inquire)
The bag is 17.5 in wide, 11.5 in long, and 4.5 in deep (measured across the bottom of the tote)

Thank you for looking!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

It Was a Very Important Date! We Saw Long Lost Friends!

Another big Disneybound group last Sunday - this time it was Alice in Wonderland. I was one half of the Tweedles with another girl.

Before I met up with my group, I decided to go see some of the characters hanging out at the parks for Long Lost Friends as part of Limited Time Magic. I was in line to see Pocahontas but the line was too long. I did get to see Peter Pan and the gang! Most of the little girls ahead of me cried when they saw Captain Hook, which resulted in him getting upset and Mr. Smee comforting him.

Peter asked me where my other Tweedle was and I said she was probably kidnapped by the Queen of Hearts. Peter was determined to rescue her until I told her that she might try to get his head cut off.

There was a funny moment where Peter asked Merlin if he was wearing a dress. Merlin was angry and said that he had already told Peter that it was a gown.

Here is the entire group roaring with Stitch and Lilo. We have from left to right the White Rabbit, the Tweedles, the Mad Hatter below the Tweedles, and the Queen of Hearts.

Then we tried to steal back the taxes from the Sheriff of Nottingham. 

I completely forgot about the bow that the Tweedles wear, so many Cast Members thought that the other girl was Pinocchio. :( Oh well - I just told people that my bow was fed to Tic Tock the crocodile by Captain Hook as a sacrifice.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reveal: Liz Lisa S/S 2013 Lucky Pack

I've always wanted to buy a lucky pack but never had the money or always missed out on the brand I wanted. Since Liz Lisa had some clothes that I could wear either for the weekend or possibly work, I decided to try ordering their S/S 2013 lucky pack.

Here is my lucky pack contents.